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our service
  • BIG WIFI for Your Outdoor Location
  • Financially-Sustainable Operation
  • Total Systems Integration
  • Touch-Screen Interactivity

Carrier-Grade Wifi:

• Best Signal Strength & Distribution
• Huge 2Gbps Throughput
• Financially Sustainable Operation
• Automated Guest-Handling

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Small Town Mobility:

• Private Cellular 4G/LTE ‘Small-Cells’
• Can Work Over Large Distances
• Low Cost of Operation
• Eliminate National Carrier Data Plans
• Great for Rural Residential or Wide Area Mobility

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Building Automation:

Full System-Integration For Home or Office:
• Sound, Temp, Lighting, Smart-locks, Security, Alarm, Garage, & Cameras.
• App-Based/Tablet Control
• Home, RV, Boating Applications

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Industrial WiFi:

• ‘Small Cells’ For Hi-Speed Wifi With ZERO Cabling
• 4G/LTE For Wifi Use - With ZERO Data Costs
• Goes Through Buildings, Trees & Around Corners
• Most Cost-Efficient For Industrial Connectivity

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Digital Signage:

• Any Format Of Touch-Screen
• Hardware & Custom Programming
• Window-front Applications & More

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Free Engineering Report:

Let Us Evaluate Your Location For Free
• No-obligation Report For Your Location
• Recommendations For Eliminating ‘Bottle-necks’ & Systems Improvement
• Full Upgrade Solution Evaluation

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