About Us

about us

These days our work and lifestyles have become increasingly dependent on a level of connectivity between all of our tools and resources, equipment & information, whether at the office, home or at play. ‘Connectivity’ defines the integration of all our ‘sub-systems in order to bring about efficient operations.

The Connectivity Alliance is a consortium of several companies & disciplines bringing the very best state-of-the-art tech and minds to bear on your project. Why deal with just one company when you can have the best of FIVE?

The group can bring consultation and project follow through to a variety of applications, including; Professional Wifi architecture & installation, Private 4G/LTE cellular for challenging Outdoor connectivity, Smart-home & Building automation systems, and digital signage systems.


We will take an active interest in your project from initial consultations right through to completion, ensuring that your resources are leveraged to bring the most value to any project you have in mind. No job too big or too small. Let us ‘Imagineer’ for you!