HomeNet Advantage

The ‘HomeNet Advantage’ Program  

The Key to Your CO-OP Internet ‘Sustainability’ For Rent-Subsidized Residents…


The Game-Changer For Low-income Families & fixed Budgets 

This is a special program exclusively for residents of rent-subsidized buildings, and is by far the best internet-service plan available anywhere in Canada!

  • 100-500Mbps, Unlimited Data
  • $20/Month!
  • Buildings qualify, residents don’t have to! 

Now Residents Save Money & Get More!

The average Canadian pays $105/month, so your residents can save more for groceries, medication, or rent!

Now they don’t need to suffer through painful 30Mb DSL lines, or $80-$100 carrier fees. Now they actually have the HomeNet ‘Advantage’ for all their connection needs!

A Financially Sustainable Program – And Zero-Capital Outlay

Most importantly, the program is set up as a ‘balanced’ sustainable cost-equation to pay all the costs associated with the building’s CO-OP installation so that your organization is ‘expense-neutral’ throughout.  

The minimal carry costs are borne by the small service premiums for their service plans.

Special note: 
The CRTC has now mandated that Internet Connectivity is an Essential Service: With many, it also means the only connection with families & loved ones.

Plus, Your Building Owns the Infrastructure After the Term!

Because the HomeNet Advantage program is a CO-OP Internet installation, your building owns it’s internet infrastructure when the term is over, Or whenever it’s paid for. Eg Benevolent donor or grant.

The Ramifications? 

  • After the lease term, you could offer Free internet to your residents.. Or,
  • Maintain the service fees, adding additional revenue streams.
  • You effectively lock down your residents’ internet future.
  • The added revenues actually enhances the capital-appreciation value of your property!

YOU Can Sponsor HomeNet Advantage!

As a charity or non-profit, you can still sponsor the HomeNet Advantage program for your tenants with no outside financial donor.

The program is actually a lease-to-own proposition with all the financial benefits of leasing. A 3rd-party handles the paperwork, and your organization simply ensures the collection and remission of the service payments towards the lease. 

That’s all there is to it! 

*Alternatively, your organization’s benevolent donors can sponsor HomeNet Advantage for your tenants, and both you and your residents benefit!

Which Type of Building-Residences Qualify?

Civic non-market properties, Charities, Charitable managed residences, Non-profits asset-managers, Seniors residences, special-needs accommodations, First Nations multi-tenant residences.

Any of your residents living in these properties will automatically qualify to receive the special program access. 

  • NO upfront costs to your organization.
  • We implement & manage.
  • NO administrative effort expended on your part.

Delivering a Financially Sustainable Lifeline:

  • In a typical 3-year term, your operation will be expense neutral.
  • No impact to your bottom line.
  • Beyond the term, your bottom line could be cash-flow positive every month!

Enhanced Value:  For Your Residents & Your Property!

  • Your residents’ life is impacted positively with extra value, Plus:
  • Your property Capital appreciation is also enhanced. with the positive cash flow after the term!

What About Maintenance, Service & Support?

The small service premiums paid by the tenants will also cover the carrier mainline costs each month in addition to their connection service. 

This is part of the ‘cost-balancing’ equation for the program. 

The carrier will support the mainline coming into the building ongoing, whereas 

Connectivity Alliance will support the in-suite routers and provide a Helpdesk to service members throughout. 

This service is provided for free inside the 1st year, with small group-rate fees to apply for subsequent years, and only when technical service issues need addressing. 

Please feel free to contact us on any details of this unique program and find out how you can start making a real impact for your residents!

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