Your Residents Will Appreciate A Healthy Dose of Fibre To Your Building!

Bring CO-OP Net Benefits to Your Multi-Tenant Rental Building:

CO-OP’ing your building’s internet means; 

  • Buying or Leasing-to-own your building’s in-house fibre network,  
  • Providing a valuable ‘essential’ amenity to building & tenants,
  • Excellent ROI through sustainable operation with tenants participating,
  • Enhancing your rental value proposition,
  • 100% operational lease write-off option, 
  • Greatly enhance your buildings capital value, significantly! 
*See capital value section 

Happier Tenants

  • The average cost of internet in Canada is $105/per month.  (Whistlerblower.ca

    • Your tenant’s suite is already hooked up and ready to go, no need for any additional set up fee or equipment rental costs. They simply pay a lower rate monthly for the best internet possible. 

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        • The suggested pricing for wholesale fibre-internet is $30-$40/per suite/month. *

          • The more they save on a utility like internet, the more they have to put towards other bills, including rent!

                • There would also be no wait time for a carrier to come to their suite and hook them up as this would already be there, and all that’s required is the go ahead to activate the in-suite router-hotspot to get fast symmetrical internet connectivity.

                        • You could decide to include it in their rent, or raise the rent accordingly, or charge it separately.
                          * CO-OP Net could even administrate your billings for you by invoicing and collecting the monthlies so you don’t have to. 
                          *Average 300+Mbps DL/UL speeds. Although, these speeds can be far higher depending on what fibre bandwidth is brought into the building. 
                          CO-OP Net does not offer ‘packages’ in the conventional sense. We offer the fibre-optic network capable of 10Gbps throughput. Whatever internet bandwidth that goes into the system comes out at the other end, distributed to all your tenants. 

                          Greater Suite Value Proposition:

                          • All things being equal, your rental suites have an advantage over others while incorporating those into rental rates, or passed along as a far more cost effective offering for fibre-based internet.
                          • This is the last internet your tenants will ever need. 

                          Added Revenue Stream for Your Building:

                          • Enjoy the added revenue streams from tenants paying the service over to you instead of the carriers. 
                          • At $40/suite/month, a 100-unit building enjoys an added $48,000/year in added revenue! 

                          Building Capital Value Appreciation: The Hidden Bonus

                          • Your building’s capital value is impacted by those things that lower your operating costs, or increase your revenue, or both.
                          • If your building makes a nominal investment into having it’s own fibre-internet network, this becomes a highly valuable amenity that can readily be rented out to your tenants every month from now on.
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                          The Capital Valuation Formula

                          The added net revenue for the year / divided by the capital appreciation factor: 3.75% = The added value brought to the building. 
                          Eg;  100-unit block, 100 x $40 = $48,000/yr divided by 3.75% = $1,280,000 of added value!  And, this added value is essentially a zero-net out-of-pocket investment supported entirely by the tenant revenues. 

                          The Cost To Your Building For CO-OP Net:

                          You could get a CO-OP Net installation for purchase or Lease-to-own, or combination thereof; 
                          The total installation including wiring for the building, plus equipment room gear, in-suite set up and back end is valued in total at approximately $1,000/per suite. One time cost. 
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                          As to finance options: 
                          This can be leased to own at $20/suite/month on a 5 year lease, or $30/suite/month on a 3 year lease. 
                          The Installation: 
                          This is a non-invasive ‘light-footprint’ install which will not in any way interrupt building operation. There are new techniques for retro-cabling buildings that are much quicker to install than it went years ago. The in-suite install are done with 20-30-min of work per suite. 

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