Strata/Condo Owners

You Own Your Suite - Now Own Your Internet!

You carry a lot of costs to be a condo owner;  mortgage, strata fees, Plus utilities. Wouldn’t it be great to get a break on at least of some of that?! 
With CO-OP Net, you make a small investment into the best and last internet you’ll ever need, and start savings $$$ that can go onto your strata fees or mortgage! 

CO-OP’ing your building’s internet means; 

  • Buying or Leasing-to-own your building’s in-house fibre network,  
  • Each suite owns it’s own internet gear & operation, 
  • Enhancing your unit re-sale value proposition, 
  • Saving you money forever more in your suite,  
  • Never having to deal with the carriers for internet. 
  • Investing in your own zero-cost internet, while your saving money doing so

Your Savings Calculator:

What Does CO-OP Net Cost And Who Pays For It?

  • Since CO-OP Net is a member-supported installation, the costs are bourne by the strata owners or the building owner, in the case of a rental block. 
  • Each suites pays a nominal ‘Fibre backhaul’ contribution fee of $5/suite/month for the 1st year, and $10/suit/month for both backhaul & support combined thereafter.
  • The new fibre network works out to approximately $1,000/per suite, a one time installation and set up charge.
  • However, this handled as a lease-to-own finance, so it could cost each suite around $20 to $30 per month over 3 or 5 years, depending on what monthly payment & term desired. *
* This can be financed by credit card or Flexiti finance program with Zero-interest to buyers, with highly flexible principle payments over time. Flexiti.com

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