Connection Trouble-shooting Tips

Can’t see the network(s):

  1. Consult Wi-Fi map, start with network proscribed for your area.
  2. In some cases you may find that the opposite network will be stronger. You can go with it.
  3. Best signal selection, (at top/strongest – you don’t need to get all 4 sub-networks, just one good one!)
  4. If it doesn’t lock in, turn off Wi-Fi/back on, re-select. Occasionally, do a ‘forget network’, refresh & re-select again.
  5. Try a different network.
  6. Try the connection outside

The network doesn’t ‘checkmark’ / ‘Can’t connect to network’ :

  1. Turn Wi-Fi off/on: try again
  2. Perform a ‘Forget network
  3. refresh Wi-Fi, re-select.
  4. Try the connection outside
  5. try to open on your browser

Wi-Fi network ‘Checkmarks’ but network page doesn’t come up :

  1. The first time, the network page may take upwards of 30-60 seconds.
  2. Keep your device from ‘sleeping’.
  3. Refresh Wi-Fi and try again / different network.
  4. *Make sure your browser doesn’t have pop-ups blocked.
  5. try to open on your browser

Maximum devices reached:

  1. This is more of a network policy/setting. Defaults for ‘basic’ is 4 devices, and higher for premium accounts.

  2. Exceptions can be made, although this could lead to bandwidth dilution of your account.

  3. *Note: devices that have been registered on your account will count, ‘whether online at the time or not.

  4. We can purge your device registrations and have you re-order the sequence of priority.

Other factors:

  1. Age of device/ can only get 2.4Ghz (Wifi A) networks
  2. Up to date OS/upgrades (iOS or Android)
  3. Make & model of devices