RV park Solutions


A Stable Outdoor Signal Specifically Designed For Your RV Park

Your park is unique in it’s layout and features. Let us show you how you can have state-of-the-art outdoor wifi that can deliver as good or better connectivity than your guests get at home.


Connectivity Is The Number One Concern For Travellers  –  Make Their Stay A Memorable One!

We know that connectivity for RV-goers is just as important as it is back home, being on holiday and needing their entertainment or keeping in touch. Whether it’s Netflix, Youtube, 4K access or handling large files, bandwidth’ matters!

Like marinas, many RV Parks may have some sort of Wifi presence, but all the obstacles, interference and distance is too challenging for the ‘casually installed’ home-based wifi to begin to address it all effectively.

To provide really exceptional bandwidth to ALL your guests (and all their devices), you need a strong signal ‘everywhere’, and a professionally designed system to distribute that signal throughput your park to all the trailers, not just at key places like the lounge & your office!

NOTE:  In addition, RVs themselves are metal shells that make it harder for whatever signal present get through to guest devices. You need a well thought out solution to overcome that.


  • Carrier-Grade Design & Components
  • Professional Installation
  • Guaranteed High Speed Internet to RVs
  • Sustainable Operation


At Connectivity Alliance, we’re providing Hi-speed wireless internet access to RV parks by implementing carrier-grade wireless infrastructure and components.

We’ve also developed a special proprietary API (Application-Programmer-Interface) specifically for advanced access-point use in RV parks to compensate for the factors that affect performance in RV parks.

The result is stable hi-bandwidth connectivity that is not hampered by; humidity, temperature, or interference by other structures in the park itself.

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