EV-Charging Infrastructure made accessible for multi-residential buildings and condominiums

We provide and implement proven and robust EV Energy Management System (EVEMS)

Commercial Buildings
New Multi Family/Mixed Use Buildings
Existing Multi Family/Mixed Use Buildings
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EV Charger Free Estimate

Our engineering team will provide an initial site visit free of charge. We will discuss your needs and collect the information necessary for a detailed estimate and customized solution. We will work with Building’s preferred electrical contractor and provide an all-inclusive estimate of the electrical infrastructure upgrade if necessary.

EV Ready Plan

An EV Ready Plan is a BC Hydro standard form of report describing the needs/ feasibility and options available to you and ensuring that the plan ahead meets the eligibility criteria for BC Hydro rebate. EVectriX will help you identify registered professional engineers or electrical licensed contractors who are eligible to write this report and help you get a BC Hydro rebate. Rebates are also available in other provinces. We would be happy to help you identify those programs.


OUR Charging solution’s core principle lies in its flexibility and capability to adapt to different client needs. Whether it is for an existing building or a new build project EVectriX will design the simplest and most economical way to fulfill your needs.


After approval and order confirmation we will supply and work collaboratively with the electrical contractor to implement the EV charging system throughout the project area. EVectriX will supervise the installation and commission the system to ensure the chargers are fully operational.


Wi-Fi enabled throughout the entire EVectriX EV charging network to impeccably control the EV charging network stations

Integrated Load Management Solutions

Our LMEVH (load management EV hub) master software is based on a secure and safe algorithm that monitors building consumption and provides the spare capacity of the building electrical system to EV chargers. Hence ensuring the building systems are working at optimum level and all systems are in safe working conditions.