Industrial Connectivity

Private Cellular 4G/LTE for Industrial Applications

Use Private Cellular 4G/LTE Technology for Your Best All-Around Industrial Outdoor/Indoor Application:


The State-of-the-Art for Outdoor Wifi application has come a long way, but fall short to provide essential connectivity over distance and through mediums such as buildings and around other structures that normally provide interference for Wifi.

A Well Thought Out 4G/LTE Network Can: 

  • Provide Hi-Speed Connectivity at your location with ZERO cabling/ infrastructure & minimal cost!
  • Bring 15-25-50Mbps connections to your departments and individual users.

Our Wireless:
• Is private cellular 4G/LTE with ZERO data costs!
• Can go miles, through trees, buildings & around corners!

Use the Right Technology For The Right Application


  • Make use of the same technology that major mobile carriers do to cover miles of distance, and ‘non-line-of-sight’ applications, right in your own facility.
  • Small-Cell’ Network Equipment:
    • Cost-effective operation
    • Mobile 4G/LTE Router (DC)
    • Optional ‘Fixed’ Outdoor ‘Hotspots’ (AC)Both devices receive LTE and output Wifi for data sharing on multiple consumer devices.
    99.9% UP-time. Hi-Speed. Great Reception
    More efficient and powerful networks mean that your departments will have less downtime and better productivity.